How to get cheap Domain Names Registration for £3.65/$4.99 with SeekaHost?

How to get cheap Domain Names Registration for £3.65/$4.99 with SeekaHost?

Looking for cheap co uk domains names for registration?

You can get the best at the cheapest prices for United Kingdom domains with SeekaHost’s free WordPress hosting manager.

There are many domain registrars, which I have pointed out in my previous articles, who offer cheaper domain registrations in the first year and then make up for that in the second year by raising the fees.

I have decided together with the SeekaHost management to offer the best prices for domains for all UK based business owners to start their local business websites. Because to get a UK domain name you must be a UK resident or a UK business owner.

If you are an international blogger who wants to get a domain to create a blog that will rank better on there are ways you can speak to a resident in the UK to get you a domain name or else get a business address in the UK and do so.

I get many Indian and Asia-based bloggers asking how to get domains names and my answer to them is what I say above. You must be a UK resident or have a business in the UK to operate with a domain name. There may be other ways to get one, but they may not be suitable for everyone.

What are Domain Names good for?

Everybody knows that .com domains are great for international and commercial websites and many big companies have their brand names registered as a dot com domain. However, if your business is more of a local one that would perhaps not cater to an international market or that has its main headquarters in the UK, then the domain name will be a good choice for your business website.

Many big businesses based in Great Britain have a domain name such as or Therefore, this domain extension is ideal for commercial businesses in Britain, displaying their British heritage. Because a domain can of course still have an international reach.

What’s the cheap .co .uk Domains Price? 

At SeekaHost you can get a domain for $4.99 or £3.65 and that’s cheaper than what most registrars in the market offer.

I could see that registrars like 123 Reg or Ionis offers them for £1 but check their second-year renewal fees and compare what you get at SeekaHost.

Ease and reliability matter. to buy cheap .co .uk Domain Names? 

**If you are a new customer you need to register at

Watch the below videos to see all the steps:

How To Register A Domain Name in 45 Seconds with SeekaHost Via SeekaPanel

The SeekaPanel makes it very easy and quick to register a domain. After you have found the domain you have been searching for, all you need to do is click on “buy” and it will go into your cart where you can pay for the registration for one year to five years with annual renewal options. See how simple it is:

How To Host Your Domain in under 4 Minutes with SeekaHost Via the SeekaPanel

Now that you have got the domain name registered, it is not live on the internet yet. For that to happen, you need to learn how to host your domain with the WordPress hosting manager, which again is simple and quick, so watch the below video tutorial and follow the easy steps:

Now your domain is online and you can begin to build your website. You can find useful tutorials about WordPress and blogging inside the knowledgebase in the SeekaPanel. Or you can head to the SeekaHost YouTube channel for more tutorials.

Get your business website up at the lowest price with SeekaHost for the best start as an entrepreneur in the UK.