How SeekaHost made it easy for Business Bloggers to Get Online

via SeekaPanel web hosting control panel

If you’re an aspiring blogger, then perhaps, you’ll find the information in this article as a goldmine.

SeekaHost has made it so easy to create a blog in a matter of minutes with a special hosting control panel called SeekaPanel. Now, you can register a domain name and host it with the affordable WordPress hosting plans right within the control panel.

For those who have a passion for music, gaming or whatever, creating your own blog is the best way to get that passion out to the world and to show your expertise which will come in handy in building your professional career.

And there is one good reason why you should use the WordPress blogging platform, it will afford you the opportunity to learn how to build a blog step by step, and you’ll learn the most important skills needed to create your own virtual platform from the basics of web design and it also guarantees a great deal of satisfaction in the process.

SeekaPanel is the world’s easiest hosting solution for WordPress blog hosting, whereby you can easily register a domain name, host and create a WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes.

Why is SeekaPanel the World’s easiest Hosting solution for WordPress blog hosting?


SeekaPanel is designed so that anyone can easily start a WordPress Blog no matter their digital skills level, and with the SeekaPanel WordPress hosting control panel you get all-in-one access to all SeekaHost’s services.

And it not only offers WordPress blog hosting, but also multiple IP hosting for those wishing to create private blog networks (PBN) for SEO purposes and guest posting businesses.

You can also register domain names for very cheaper prices and this is taking over the internet by storm since the cheap domain name registration in India was announced in our last publication.

Personally, tested by British digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond himself, who is a blogger and founder of SeekaHost, with his web developer team at SEO and marketing agency ClickDo. After years of testing and use internally at ClickDo, the SeekaPanel was launched and introduced to the market at the beginning of 2021.

How to Get Online Fast with the Best Blog Hosting control panel via SeekaPanel?

Getting online is as simple as visiting and register and create a new account. Then proceed to purchase your hosting plan and register a domain or integrate your previously purchased domain name and install WordPress to your domain name with the 1-Click WordPress installer.

The features and steps to use the blog hosting platform SeekaPanel are easy to follow in starting your blog or website.

Everyone needs a reliable blog hosting platform to register and host a domain, SeekaHost offers all-new SeekaPanel customers a 7-day free trial, which is ample enough to get online to reap the benefits of this innovative control panel.

Now that you know all about the benefits of using the blog hosting platform via SeekaPanel to start your blog or website, you can’t help but give it a try!

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