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How To Get Google Knowledge Panel?

Guide to Building A Personal Brand Online With A Solid Google Knowledge Panel


Building your online brand helps in many ways in a time where most people find what they search for via search engines like Google or Bing.

Google remains the most popular search engine with a market share of around 85.53 percent in early 2023 according to Statista.

I would therefore highly recommend building a solid knowledge panel on Google to not miss the opportunities on offer. I have been an online business consultant since 2013 and I started as a SEO consultant where I would repeatedly recommend this as you can see here:


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When someone looks for information about you, what do they? – They search your name on Google!

Do it yourself and check what appears. Do you like how you appear on Google under your name?

If you feel your current Google knowledge graph does not present you as best as possible, this guide will give you some ideas about building a personal brand online with a focus on Google’s knowledge panel.

Why build a personal brand with the Google Knowledge Panel?

Since I posted the below screenshots on my Facebook profile, many asked me how to get the knowledge panel on Google.

As you can see, the knowledge panel provides a nicely presented overview of the work I have published online and how people can find me. This overview gives my online presence an instant authority and creates curiosity for searchers to check more about me.

I believe having the knowledge panel on Google as well as on Bing is very helpful for any entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant, and a must for any SEO consultant. I am not alone in this and you will find other entrepreneurs recommending this too as for example in the magazine.

Having such a knowledge panel will encourage anyone conducting a search about you to contact you, hire you and want do business with you.

Of course, it depends on what’s showing up and you should understand how to manage this. If it’s time to clean it up and polish it or add more information to it, read on.

Want help with your knowledge panel creation?


Contact Manuela Willbold at ClickDo and she will help you with digital PR and SEO content related matters like this.


And if you want to have a call with me as well book a consultation call by emailing to

During the call I will explain to you how to get your knowledge panel on Google and Bing to shine online.

Getting your knowledge panel on Google is not an overnight task, it takes a few months and there is a strategic process to get it done effectively.

At ClickDo we have helped clients get their personal brand online with the knowledge panel, so my team is certain about it, having seen the results.

How to build your personal brand online on Google

In today’s digital age, building a personal brand online is essential for establishing your professional identity, gaining credibility, and expanding your network.

One powerful tool to showcase your personal brand is the Google knowledge panel. It appears prominently in Google search results and provides a concise overview of your online presence.

There are some the steps to build a strong personal brand online and highlight it on the Google Knowledge Panel.

1.    Define Your Brand Identity:

  • Identify your niche and target audience: Determine the area of expertise or the specific industry you want to be known for. Understand who your ideal audience is, their needs, and how you can add value. This will be important for your strategy as the content you publish should be linked to this.
  • Craft your unique value proposition: Define what sets you and your work or business apart from others in your field and articulate it in a clear and concise manner in any content you publish online.
  • Develop your personal brand voice: Establish a consistent tone and style across all your online platforms to build recognition and trust. You can hire branding services to get support with this.

2.    Optimize Your Online Presence:

  • Create a professional website or blog: A personal website serves as a central hub for your online brand and Google will use this information for your knowledge panel. Showcase your expertise, share valuable tailored content, and make it easy for people to connect with you.
  • Leverage social media platforms: Choose platforms that align with your brand and target audience. Develop a content strategy and consistently share engaging and relevant content, which can of course be linked with your website.
  • Guest blogging and content contribution: Contribute guest articles to well-established websites and industry blogs to expand your reach and build credibility. Via ClickDo we also offer guest posting services and I explain more about it here and in this guest blogging SEO guide.
  • Engage in online communities: Participate in relevant online forums, industry groups, and social media communities. Provide valuable insights, answer questions, and connect with like-minded professionals. You should have a blog on your website where you share your expert insights and advice, and you can enable comments to communicate with your audience.

3.    Optimize Your Google Knowledge Panel:

  • Claim your Google Knowledge Panel: Google may automatically generate a knowledge panel for you based on the available information. Claim and verify it to have control over the content displayed. Simply click on “claim your knowledge panel” when searching for your name – you will need to verify it with a valid ID and a photograph of yourself and Google will send the necessary information with you.
  • Optimize your online presence: Ensure your personal brand is well-represented across various online platforms. Optimize your website, social media profiles, and other online content to improve your chances of appearing in the knowledge panel in the way you want. If you publish books on Kindle, they will also show up for example, so plan any online content you’d like people to find when searching for you.
  • Focus on building a strong online presence: Consistently produce high-quality content, engage with your audience, and maintain an active online presence to increase your visibility. If any profiles or websites you no longer use remain active, try to delete, and remove them to avoid any outdated information to be shown. You should also ensure that all profiles can relate to your name to make it more obvious for bots and people.

Examples of Personal Brands with a Highlighted Google Knowledge Panels:

  1. Neil PatelDigital Marketing Expert: Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketing expert, and his Google Knowledge Panel highlights his achievements, contributions, and notable ventures in the field. It showcases his personal website, social media profiles, and provides a concise overview of his expertise with other sources linked to him.
  2. Marie ForleoLife Coach and Entrepreneur: Marie Forleo is a successful life coach, author, and entrepreneur. Her Google Knowledge Panel features her personal website, social media profiles, and highlights her accomplishments in the coaching and entrepreneurial space.
  3. Brian DeanSEO Specialist: Brian Dean is an SEO specialist known for his expertise in search engine optimization. His Google Knowledge Panel showcases his personal website, mentions his popular blog, and highlights his contributions to the SEO community.
  4. Fernando Raymond is a notable figure in the digital marketing industry and an example of building a successful personal brand online. As the founder and CEO of SeekaHost and ClickDo, an SEO hosting and digital marketing agency, he has established himself as an expert in the field. Fernando Raymond has effectively utilized various online platforms to build his personal brand and showcase his expertise. Fernando Raymond’s Google Knowledge Panel highlights his achievements and contributions in the digital marketing realm. It often includes his personal website, social media profiles, and mentions his role as the CEO of SeekaHost. The panel provides a brief overview of his expertise and serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about him and his work.

Through his personal website, blog, and active presence on social media platforms, Fernando Raymond consistently shares valuable insights, tips, and strategies related to SEO and digital marketing. He engages with his audience, responds to queries, and contributes to online communities, further solidifying his personal brand and establishing himself as a trusted authority in the industry.

Fernando Raymond’s success in building a personal brand online and being featured in the Google Knowledge Panel demonstrates the power of consistent content creation, active engagement, and establishing oneself as an expert in a specific field. His example serves as inspiration for individuals looking to build their personal brand and leverage online platforms to showcase their expertise.

You can learn more about how he built it effectively and SEO and marketing strategies used here:

What Are Online Media Placements for Business? | SeekaHost™

5. Manuela Willbold is a Blogger and the senior digital media & PR strategist at SeekaHost and ClickDo. She is also the editor in chief for the London Business News website and the Green Living Blog. When you search her name on Google you will find her verified Google knowledge panel, showing her personal blog, her social media profiles, her books and photos as you can see below:


As you can see, building a personal brand online takes time and consistent strategic effort as search engines like Google will source and evaluate the online information leading to you to understand who you are.

By following the outlined steps and studying the listed examples, you can establish a strong personal brand and increase the chances of appearing in the Google Knowledge Panel as you intend, further boosting your credibility and visibility in the digital landscape.

To sum up things I have recorded the below video with Manuela Willbold at ClickDo.

What do you think?

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