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Guide to Ireland’s Corporate and Personal Income Tax Rates and the Advantages of Doing Business in Ireland


Ireland is renowned for its favorable business environment, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs globally, especially those in the tech industry looking to serve the European markets.

Here’s an insightful guide on Ireland’s tax rates and the advantages of incorporating and doing business in Ireland, with a special focus on why UK entrepreneurs should consider setting up a brand or subsidiary in Ireland, particularly in Dublin.

Corporate Tax Rates in Ireland

Ireland offers one of the most competitive corporate tax rates in the European Union, fixed at 12.5% for trading income. This rate applies to the net profits of companies conducting commercial activities. The country also offers a 25% rate for non-trading income, such as investment income, and certain specific exceptions which can benefit from even lower rates, particularly in the R&D sector.

Personal Income Tax Rates in Ireland

Personal income tax in Ireland is progressive and varies according to the income range:

  • Up to €35,300 (for single individuals) or €44,300 (for married couples or civil partners, one income) is taxed at 20%.
  • Any income above these thresholds is taxed at 40%.

In addition to the income tax, individuals may be subject to the Universal Social Charge (USC), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), and potentially other levies and charges depending on specific circumstances.

Advantages of Doing Business in Ireland


  1. Favorable Tax Regime: Beyond the competitive corporate tax rate, Ireland offers various tax incentives for businesses, particularly in research and development (R&D) which can significantly reduce the effective tax rate for qualifying activities.
  2. Access to European Markets: As a member of the European Union, Ireland provides businesses with unfettered access to the single market, allowing for the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people.
  3. Skilled Workforce: Ireland boasts a highly educated, English-speaking workforce, particularly adept in technology and innovation, making it an ideal locale for tech companies.
  4. Robust Tech Ecosystem: Dublin, in particular, is home to a vibrant tech ecosystem, hosting European headquarters of several major global tech firms, offering a collaborative and innovative environment for startups and established companies alike.
  5. Legal and Regulatory Framework: Ireland’s legal and regulatory framework is transparent and conducive to business, providing a stable environment for companies to operate.

Incorporating in Ireland

Incorporating in Ireland offers businesses the legitimacy and structure needed to operate efficiently within the EU. The process is straightforward, with various entity types to choose from, such as Limited Company, which is the most common for international businesses due to its limited liability and tax advantages.

Why UK Entrepreneurs Should Consider Ireland

Post-Brexit, UK companies face challenges accessing the EU single market. Establishing a brand or subsidiary in Ireland presents a strategic advantage, allowing for seamless access to the EU market without the red tape associated with being a non-EU entity. Furthermore, the shared language, similar legal systems, and cultural ties make Ireland an optimal choice for UK businesses looking to expand into Europe.

Dublin as a Smart City for Tech Entrepreneurs:

Dublin is not just the capital of Ireland but a burgeoning smart city at the forefront of technology and innovation. Its tech-friendly ecosystem, supportive government policies, and status as a European tech hub make it an attractive city for tech entrepreneurs. The city offers networking opportunities, access to venture capital, and a supportive community for startups.


For tech entrepreneurs and businesses looking to leverage the European market, Ireland, and particularly digital Dublin, offers a compelling proposition. The country’s favorable tax regime, skilled workforce, and status as an English-speaking gateway to Europe make it an ideal location for setting up a business. For UK entrepreneurs, establishing a presence in Ireland can mitigate some of the post-Brexit challenges, providing easier access to the EU market while benefiting from Ireland’s business-friendly environment.

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