How to Help Kids Look at the Brighter Side of Technology


It is so obvious that we live in a technologically driven world and that isn’t about to change and it will never change. This is a digital era where the old and young are equally drawn to technology than ever before. Whether it’s shopping, working, communication, or entertainment, technology continues to be at the center of every aspect of life.

Technology is associated with a range of benefits whether in homes, businesses, or educational institutions. Within homes, technology can transform a mere home into a smart one. It can help occupants improve their standards of living, reduce workloads, and maximize free time. Within businesses, technology has become pivotal for many operations.

It is a major driver for automation, streamlining of tasks, informed decision-making processes, and efficiency. Moreover, technology is helping many businesses stay relevant and afloat. Tech use in business also enhances profitability and is a definite platform for innovation and creativity. When it comes to educational institutions, technology is revolutionizing the way students learn or how teachers teach.

Technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality) are transforming teaching and learning experiences. Students can learn from anywhere and at any time, access valuable resources online, and personalize learning in any way. However, as much as the world heavily relies on technology and it’s good to leverage it, unhealthy tech usage is disastrous, especially for kids. But how? This piece of content explores the negative impact of technology on kids and how to help them become tech-savvy safely.

Technology Usage in Kids

This is the era where kids are fond of electronic devices and gadgets. They can surely miss meals, forget their homework, and ditch social interactions because of technology. A safe tech environment can inspire curiosity, creativity, and imagination in kids. Depending on the age, technology use can also help kids become independent learners, creative thinkers, and speedy learners.

Unfortunately, when kids remain unmonitored and unregulated in tech use, it can prove detrimental. Excessive tech usage can lead to obesity in kids because of the increased amount of time they spend on gadgets. It can also hamper social interaction which is vital for interpersonal skill development and fostering healthy relationships.

Failure to curb technology usage makes children more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. As though that isn’t enough, it can affect attention span, leading to poor performance in class. Overall, excessive exposure to tech can become a distraction. So, what can parents and teachers do about it?

5 Ways to Help Kids Look at the Brighter Side of Technology

Every home can create a safe environment for technology use among children. It’s all about being intentional. We don’t need our children to be raised by technology, but, we can help our children safely grow amidst the increasing tech exposure. And that can happen in the following ways;

  • Be a Good Role Model

Children will always adopt what you do and not what you say. As much as they may conform to what you say, they will surely return to what you do in the long run. Common habits like using the phone while driving, over-sharing personal information on social media platforms, and spending countless hours on gadgets can influence kids to become technology addicted.

Depending on the age of your kids, try to showcase the tech habits you want them to emulate. Excessive tech use for non-business purposes can influence kids to follow the same path. Neglecting your kids simply because of technology for entertainment purposes can erode social interaction which is essential for their support.

With that, set and follow some rules. For example, avoid using your phone during family meals and outings. This shows children how relationships matter more than technology.

  • Invest in STEM Learning

Here is another way to help your kids fall in love with science and technology in a meaningful way- STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics  (STEM) is a multidisciplinary teaching approach that is leveraged across age groups.

With the fact that technology influences every aspect of life, you can introduce it to your kids through STEM learning. Instead of spending excessive hours on social media platforms like Facebook, you can leverage STEM Apps to help your kids spend their time productively. There is a range of STEM learning apps that can introduce concepts to kids. Moreover, many of them are designed to help children learn in a gamified way.

Stem apps are immersive learning tools because they help kids improve practical and collaboration skills. Additionally, they help in understanding the real-world application of concepts. Kids won’t find it difficult to relate to intricate concepts since STEM apps make such topics digestible.

STEM learning whether at home or in school fosters curiosity, and improves creativity, Independent thinking, and problem-solving. This will surely help your kids understand the brighter side of technology.

  • Balance it Up

Even though the world is becoming more digitally driven, parents can’t leave their kids to be negatively influenced by it. You can help your kids learn, play, and engage with technology in a productive way. One of the best ways to help kids use technology in a good way is by setting guidelines.

Allow kids to spend a given amount of time on gadgets, but ensure to know what they are watching. If they use it to learn new concepts on educational apps or play appropriate games then it is okay. However, if your kids use gadgets to access inappropriate content like pornography or bully others on social media then that’s detrimental. You can set some rules like;

  • No using gadgets before finishing homework or during family meals.
  • Only use gadgets for two hours in the house and for extended periods for learning purposes.
  • No watching inappropriate content such as pornographic movies and sexually explicit videos.

Additionally, make sure to know what your kids are using the gadgets or devices for.

  • Interact with Them

Face-to-face communication is still important and its significance can be largely displayed in homes. Instead of authorizing your kids to make technology their immediate friends, show them the importance of social interactions. Ensure to spend quality time with your kids and there are many ways to do this.

You can play together, tell them stories, or learn a new skill together like cooking. You can also choose to go out and play outdoors or engage in fun activities like skating, swimming, and looking at the stars.

On the other hand, ensure to be available for your kids, especially during challenging times. Many times kids become addicted to gadgets because parents fail to realize the full extent of their parental duties.

Aside from providing shelter, education, and medical needs, children require mental and emotional support. Many times, they are unable to display their feelings because their parents haven’t provided a strong support system that can convince them to pour out themselves for help.

With that, instead of seeking emotional support from their parents, they end up becoming immersed in inappropriate content on social media platforms.

  • Help Them Put to Use What They Learn

When your children learn something new, engage with them to analyze their learning and memorization abilities. Technology offers interactive learning opportunities, but children must be provided with a platform where to put their understanding to use. That is how teachers and parents can stop killing creativity in kids.

Some of the best ways to help out include;

Providing a platform for participation and taking initiative. When your kid shows interest in home errands then perform them together.

Children can learn to code using STEM apps, but encourage them to practice what they learn. You can give them a task to evaluate their learning skills. Besides that, you can tell your kids to read out a book for you or explain what passages mean.

To encapsulate, technology use is here to stay, and as much as it is associated with a range of benefits, it can be destructive to humanity. Among kids, technology can inspire creativity and improve learning experiences. However, it can also disassociate kids from their parents and social groups. As a parent or a teacher, you can guide kids on how to use technology in the different ways detailed here.

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