8 Things You Should Know About Advertising


What is the one thing that transcends all barriers of language, customs, and geography? Advertising. 

No business can succeed without advertising. No matter how good your product or service is, if you aren’t advertising it you are missing opportunities. 

Most people see hundreds or even thousands of ads each day. But you might not know the actual secrets of the trade. Here is a quick rundown of eight things that businesses (big, small, and startups) should know about advertising. 


  1. Ads (traditional and digital) can do more than just help you grab eyeballs. With the right advertisements on the right platform, you can build a brand image, prompt actions (store visits, email signups, etc.), and drive sales.
  2. Advertising makes sure more people know about your business. But it also helps you re-engage lost leads and old customers who have stopped buying from you. Retargeting ads are especially powerful in the digital domain. 
  3. Before running an advertisement campaign, you should segment the audience. Popular segmenting parameters include geography, psychology, income, purchasing behavior, and lifestyle. 
  4. Good advertisements always have three components. One, a catchy headline; two, a clutter-free design; and three, an engaging copy.
  5. Advertising and Marketing are not the same. Advertising is a subset of marketing. It constitutes just one aspect of communicating with the audience. Marketing is an umbrella term for any and all communications a brand has with its audience. 
  6. 31% of people said they found the business they were looking for online through an ad. So if you want to make it big in the digital world, you have to work on your advertising strategy.
  7. In Feb 2021, top marketing managers said in a research survey that their advertising budget grew by 14.3%. Businesses of all sizes and in all industry verticals now need to increase focus on ads to be at par with contemporaries. 
  8. The oldest confirmed piece of advertising dates back to 3000 BC in Egypt. This means advertising is nothing new. But to achieve the desired results with advertising you have to do something new every day. 

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Fernando Raymond

Written by Fernando Raymond

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