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Is Offline Marketing Still Relevant for Digital Businesses?

Which 3 offline marketing methods are still worth investing in?

The internet – it has dominated marketing for what feels like a lifetime, despite being relatively new on the grand scale of time.

Before it took a foothold, digital marketing didn’t even exist; businesses relied on good old-fashioned brochures, billboards, events, networking, newspaper ads, TV and radio commercials, and, of course, one of the best kinds of marketing – word of mouth.

However, with the internet came a groundbreaking new approach – one that reaches the world instantly, not just one’s locale.

Digital marketing has become the go-to norm for companies across all industries, from content and social media to SEO and beyond. Even small local businesses are on its bandwagon, enjoying its lucrative fruits.

But where does digital marketing and PR leave traditional, offline marketing?


Does the latter still have a place at the table, and can businesses leverage it in today’s digital age?

Here are a few reasons why (and how) the answer to that question is “yes“.

1. Enforce Word-of-Mouth

Forget influencers, SEO, and commercials for a second. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been (and always will be) among the most important and effective ways to achieve business success and a wider audience. All businesses, whether based online or offline, benefit tenfold from word-of-mouth recommendations.

In fact, a survey by Nielsen revealed that 92% of consumers worldwide claimed they trust recommendations from family and friends over all other types of advertising. Best of all? Word-of-mouth marketing is free. Give customers outstanding service and a positive experience, and they’ll be significantly more likely to tell family and friends.

Plus, there lies the aspect of genuine connection; the internet is faceless, but when customers communicate in person with a business, a real communion takes place that’s far more valuable and impactful than interacting with an ad, an email, or a chatbot – and consumers remember this personal connection.

2. Reach People

Some people don’t use the internet. Being entirely online alienates customers who don’t set foot on the web. What’s more, the power of the internet only expands so far; there’s still something personal and engaging about offline tactics that make a brand memorable.

Strategically placed ads in the local area, like billboards and even branded stickers that have been custom-designed and printed, can work wonders for boosting brand recognition. These offline marketing assets can be put up in local community areas, from community centers to other businesses in the vicinity that aren’t competitors. Similarly, fliers, brochures, well-designed storefronts, and window displays complemented with promotional posters, and the said stickers accomplish the same effect.

Another bonus point for print marketing is this: it delivers more consistent, longer-term exposure. People pass the same billboard daily; they keep a magazine plush with print ads for months; their newspaper lingers in the house for days on end. Flyers are also instrumental; handing them out or leaving them in local establishments for potential customers to look at earns the pennies it took to print them many times over, not to mention high-quality printed content refines the brand from the customer’s viewpoint.

3. Strengthen the Brand

Sponsoring local causes or sports teams, providing promotional giveaways, and hosting events solidify the brand more than any soulless online ad or SEO tactic can achieve. These techniques involve creating relationships and injecting a human personality into the brand – and that’s some powerful branding.

Throw in branded merchandise, print material, and competitions/giveaways, and these offline strategies are key in spreading the word and facilitating a positive image that customers remember.

What do you think?

Manuela Willbold

Written by Manuela Willbold

Manuela Willbold writing web content, SEO-friendly content, editing content, translating content and all the things Digital PR for growing businesses online. Digital PR Strategist at SeekaHost and media buying expert at ClickDo UK.

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