“I have a mission to get 100 million people online by providing hosting and educational services through my companies - especially to third-world countries.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to live the life of a “ClickDoer” and my companies have staff who all have the freedom to work remotely and span 3 continents.” - Fernando Raymond 2019

Digital Nomad Business Expert

Delivering futuristic digital nomadic laptop lifestyle strategies today. 

Fernando Rayond 

Fernando Raymond is passionate about promoting, delivering and teaching profitable and powerful marketing strategies and ”industry best practices” based on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency (HIT).

Born in Sri-Lanka and living in London, United Kingdom Fernando is the CEO of ClickDo™, an SEO and Online Marketing Services Agency, SeekaHost, a Global web hosting company and ClickDo Solutions (PVT) Ltd. software development company based in Sri Lanka.

He is also the author of The Ultimate Sales Machine and Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy For Hospitality Industry and is currently building a revolutionary educational platform to provide world-class teaching on personal branding, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and digital best practices to help both beginners and advanced students to build their best digital enterprises and attain freedom in their lives.

Fernando’s other passions are traveling and helping people to do what they enjoy working remotely. ClickDoers works remotely and the company has staff based in 3 continents and he has a mission to get 100 million online by providing hosting services to third-world countries with the support of SeekaHost web services.


Futuristic digital Marketing solutions to grow your enterprise !

I’m a digital strategist and online marketing expert, providing tomorrow’s digital advertising strategies today.

I grew each of my companies with the latest SEO techniques and online marketing strategies which I will tailor to your business to rapidly grow.

With over 10 years of experience doing online marketing for my own brands and clients, I understand what works for each industry to get the higher ROI.


Digital Business Expert

World’s #1 digital nomad  and business strategist, helping entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life thriving companies in the digital economy.

It’s my passion to help people to get online and build their virtual real estate. Now is the time to get online and build your presence for the future.  Now is the best time to get online and build your own brand and have your own virtual space. You can do what you enjoy while helping others.

As a ClickDoer I work as a digital nomad working remotely from various places around the world. I can help your business get online become profitable by utilizing the latest digital marketing techniques.


Learn Digital Marketing! It’s Online Now.

Get Online and turn that Idea into a Blog!

With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, it’s your time to get started by turning that big “Idea to a Blog” and I will help you build your blog or create a website for you.

Starting a blog was the best thing I did when I decided to change the way I work and make a living. It led me to become a digital strategist and help thousands of people with Online marketing services.


Why I want you to start a blog? 

I want you to think of yourself as the greatest “corporation” of all and you deserve to make that corporation the very best it can be.

I would also love you to have freedom in this world to live, work and enjoy the best life that you can and starting a blog is that gateway to freedom.

Think about this:

“By 2030, it is estimated that 90 percent of the world’s population will be online and just look at how the Internet has revolutionized this world; the way can now connect with people effortlessly and without boundaries.”

The Internet has also allowed many people to break free in their lives and start their own successful companies – some bloggers have literally made millions, others an income to allow them to leave their employment and some who make a decent part-time income on the side.

Please also don’t think that you have “missed the boat,” because I can assure you that you have not — otherwise, I would not be devoting my time to helping get 100 million people started online and yes, it is not a miss-print – 100 million!

Now wait until you hear my next idea:

I want to buy a smart island,” where I can take a hundred or so of the world’s smartest minds and form an academy to bring the best, affordable and practical knowledge to the world on all aspects digital.

I am starting this journey right now with my “virtual smart island, so stay tuned!

My blog literally changed my life and I started with nothing and today I have multiple online businesses that give me the freedom and ability to do exactly what I choose to do.

If you are prepared to do the hard work, then I will show you exactly how to do the same for you and through my program, the “Enterprise of You,” I will show you how to grow your own corporation into a powerful and profitable online brand.

You just need to take the step and take action.

If you have read my story you will see how starting a blog got me not only to where I am today, but how it developed digital skills that are essential for survival in today’s ever increasing digital economy.

My creative genius was awakened and I got to work with people I truly loved and cared about.

Now it is my turn to help you.

I want you to be part of my smart island academy and to do that, you need to get online and start your blog — and who knows, you may even get to be a “smart islander” I actually buy the physical island!

To date, I have helped hundreds of people to get online and start their journeys and I want to awaken the creative genius that lies within you.

So come on, join me and take your first steps to ultimately break free from the rat race and the 9 to 5.
Oh, and by the way, one of the real benefits of getting online and learning how to market yourself (don’t worry I have that covered for you as well) is that you become more reachable and marketable.

When you go through the “Enterprise of You” program, you will become a linchpin – – just as my friend Neil Franklin states in this article here.

I believe that it is our obligation as humans to create great things and help others achieve greatness.
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Click here and I will explain more about how you can start living your life and reaching your full potential by building a powerful and profitable personal brand.



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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.