How to create a website with a blog and build your personal brand online?

You will learn how to create a website step by step and start a blog ready for blogging and then build your brand online.


You can see how I created my personal site at and everything is documented below for you with the exact step by step plan. So there is nothing stopping you from getting online today. 

I intend to build the website to be successful by generating me leads, helping me build my brand online, selling my products and services and becoming a digital asset.

I have already got the basic pages live on 17.07.2019 on and as of 18.07.2019, the website is indexed by Google, meaning that it can show in search results now. 


I’m going after the keywords “digital strategist”, “digital marketing strategist” “online marketing experts” with my domain. 

The above terms will help me build my authority online, get leads for consultancy and become the greatest digital marketing strategist in the world. 

You can see how the site was built on this page as I documented it all until it went live. 

Once you have set up your basic home page, you will have to think about your main menu and the pages you want to add. As I’m going after the keywords “digital strategist”, “digital marketing strategist” “online marketing experts” with my domain, my pages and the content on them will have to reflect this. Therefore, I have planned the following menu: 

New web pages I build to add to my site menu:

Page: Get Online


  • Create a website
  • Start a blog
  • Blogging tips 
  • Build your brand 
  • Make money blogging 

Page: Digital Marketing 


  • SEO
  • PPC Google AdWords 
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Marketing 
  • Conversion Optimization 

Each of the above pages will be strategically filled with perfectly written content to help with the SEO and eventually rank on Google. For this you will have to research relevant keywords for each page, but that’s not all. 

You will have to write the web content and related blog articles including those keywords, but you will also have to use them for the on-page SEO, metadata for your images and your advertisements, even videos you upload on YouTube. 

Once the above pages are done, I will initially run Google ads for the website and then do Facebook remarketing for the people who visited my website. 

I will have a compelling offer like “learn how to start a blog” on this page and send traffic to it through Google ads. So, people who come there will learn to start a blog/site and then some may visit other pages and get to know very well including everything I offer. 

What needs to be done:

Install Facebook pixel on the website and that will be done by Dinesh Kumar at ClickDo. You can email him via for support and get it done or learn via Skype by booking him for an online tutorial call. 

Once all the pages are live I will implement the internal linking as shown in the blogging course 

If you still haven’t started a website or blog, you can get your domain name at and email me to get a free personal web hosting plan if it’s your first website/blog or you have financial issues to get started. 

You can follow the How to Start a WordPress Blog Site then build a personal website and do SEO step by step done by John Bucalo on how he built his site 

If you wish to learn step by step How To Start A Personal Blog on WordPress and Make Money, the course by Nicole Venglovicova on Udemy will teach you all. 

Top 7 personal websites to keep an eye on:


You can learn the SEO friendly content writing skills at “How to create hot SEO-friendly content – tips for bloggers” created by Manuela Willbold.

To master the art of writing a perfect blog post or web page content read > How to write a blog post perfectly in 6 steps by Neil Franklin 

You should also read Starting a blog on WordPress: Why I decided to start a blog on WP (This blog) so you get the inspiration to crush it. 

Now you know how to create a website, get online with a blog and write amazing content to gain more visibility online. 

Finally, I want to share my story with you: Starting a blog on WordPress changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine and I believe you will want to get online and build your legacy online. 

You can email me via digital@fernandoraymond(dot)com for any questions and also I recommend you connect with each person I have mentioned in this guide. 

All of us are here to help you get online and build your virtual space for the future. 

Help and support for you to build your brand online:

  • To get started online ask – Fernando Raymond
  • For personal website message creation – Neil Franklin
  • For SEO advice and on-page technical SEO – John Bucalo
  • To get your website nicely designed – Kasun Sameera
  • For web content strategy – Manuela Willbold
  • For video content for your website – Nicole Venglovicova 


Download the steps to create a website PDF

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