What is SEO Hosting?

What is SEO Hosting?

If you ask yourself what SEO hosting is, you are probably new to the world of PBN SEO and things like multiple IP hosts. Or maybe you want to know more about the best SEO Hosting companies in the world.

I have written many articles about this topic and recently I wrote about the best SEO hosting and who needs it. At SeekaHost we provide the SEO hosting that’s used by thousands of people to host their private networks and WordPress websites that are used for SEO activities.

In this post, I will not go into detail but will give you all the links to the resource pages me and my team at SeekaHost have created.

I have been using SEO hosting since 2014 when I first started to build blogs and host them with unique multiple IP addresses.



I have built over 800 blogs for ClickDo SEO agency work and have worked with hundreds of people who manage private blogs that are used for SEO purposes.

If you search on Google for “what is seo hosting” you will see the below snippet pops up…


The above article which talks about the benefits of SEO hosting (I have screen showed up what showed up on Google) is misleading, and it does not describe SEO hosting correctly.

This article makes the following claims:


Which is not correct.

SEO hosting does not improve the SEO of a website!

However, after that it goes on about…


Which is kind of right but confusing for anyone who is looking on Google for what is SEO hosting?

There is a better explanation on http://7cloudcomputing.com/what-is-seo-hosting/


Watch the below video to get some ideas before diving deeper into the subject of SEO hosting and how to get the best SEO hosting for your websites.

The website they mentioned does not exist anymore so you can head over to https://www.seekahost.com/seo-hosting/ if you wish to sign up for a free trial and check this SEO hosting.



Now read the below articles to gain full knowledge about SEO hosting.

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You can test SEO hosting at SeekaHost with a 7 days free trial here.

And if you want to read more about SEO or PBN, check out the top ClickDo SEO Blog, the PBN Demystified Facebook Group or check out our ClickDo YouTube channel for more in-depth info on these topics.