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Are you looking to buy PBN backlinks to power up your SEO?

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Let me tell you a story about using PBN links and why I’m the best in the world to talk about private blog networks.


I’ve built hundreds of private blogs owned by me and my agency ClickDo.

We build those blogs for content marketing and create citations for our sites and clients.

Because brand mentions and content syndication greatly helps SEO and the online press.

To build those blogs I needed unique multiple IP hosting (which is the same you can get at if you wish to build private blogs using the Class C hosting for SEO standards.

If you haven’t heard about SeekaHost, the host powers the world’s best private blogs owned by thousands of people.

And me and my SEO experts have built tens of thousands of blogs to support the web and search engine optimization activities like link building services.

Since 2015 we have been offering private blog network hosting to the market and most of the SEO community uses our PBN hosting and multiple IP SEO hosting services to host private blogs.

Let’s get deep about what PBNs and how to use PBN backlinks to support your SEO services. We will show you exactly what is a PBN why you must only buy PBN backlinks from well manged active blogs and not worry about the P part of the PBN.

What you should get backlinks is from blogs and of course, they are owned by private blog owners so you can say they are private blog networks.

There are so many misconceptions about PBNs and it’s bad to get or buy backlinks from PBNs. What’s bad is getting bad backlinks from bad sites that are hosted at bad neighbourhoods.

The entire web works with links and one blog links to another blog and support its content.

What is a PBN?

The acronym PBN stands for Private Blog Network. However, it worth noting that despite the term ‘network’, a PBN is composed of blogging sites that are exclusive and independent to each other.

You might wonder why refer to separate distinct blogs as a network? The reason is rather straight forward. All the fully-fledged blogs in a PBN essentially have one owner.

What is a PBN

What this implies is that no one else other than the owner knows which blogs are in their PBN. The owner can be a single individual or a singular legal entity such as a company. Furthermore, the blogs in a PBN are not linked in any way to each other. So, if you find yourself redirected to a different website while on a blog, then rest assured the two sites are not in a PBN. However, things started to change slowly we’ve tested to see that if there is any harm in liking each PBN. The answer is NO.

If the blogs are good links with relevancy to add value to another article it’s fine. The world’s best SEO expert Fernando Raymond has tested on hundreds of blogs and confirmed that when linking to another blog, just backlink to add value and justify a source.

Finally, the topics/areas/niches addressed by the individual blogs in a PBN need not be related at all. The area of focus between any two blogs in a PBN can be as different as night and day. All that a blog in a PBN needs to have is a high SEO core. This final attribute of a PBN is what makes PBNs powerful highly in demand in the SEO world when looking to buy backlinks online.

How PBNs works in SEO?

How PBNs works

To truly understand how PBNs work, it is important to have a grasp of the basic principles of SEO.

The fundamental goal of SEO is to boost the visibility of your website to search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Baidu and many others.

Greater visibility means more internet users get to know about your site resulting in an increase in the number of site visits.

This essentially translates to an increase in the revenue that you would generate from your website. Your revenue generating website is essentially your money site. You might be wondering how SEO ties up with PBNs. This is how. A PBN is made up of blogging sites that have built up their credibility and hence SEO ranking over a period.

In the SEO world such a gradual build-up of a website’s visibility is referred to as being organic growth. Your money site on the other hand will be either relatively new or not yet attained enough visibility. By simply connecting your money site to a PBN (with backlinks from PBNs), your websites will rank higher on search engines.

Can PBN backlinks help SEO?

A PBN backlink is simply a link that redirects a user on the PBN to your money site.

More people get to know about your website which subsequently boosts the revenue you make through the site.

By increasing the number of backlinks to your website you can increase the user traffic to your money site.

PBN backlinks for SEO

The reasoning behind backlinks is solid but do backlinks really deliver on their promise? Well, the effectiveness of backlinks has more to do with search engine algorithms than with sound logic.

Search engine algorithms are programs that can efficiently traverse the vast expanse of the internet while collecting useful titbits about the websites they encounter. These bits of information are then used to build up a search engine database on the millions of websites available online.

It turns out that authoritative backlinks to a website from other sites do significantly influence that website’s SEO ranking on the search engine database. PBN backlinks do greatly aid SEO.

How to identify a Good PBN to buy backlinks?

good pbn backlinks to buy

Not all backlinks to your website can boost your money site’s SEO ranking. The backlinks that are useful are those that are from trustworthy websites.

Trustworthy websites in this regard refers to websites that have attained considerable credibility with major search engines such as Google.

This is a feat that you can only be attain over time and with a notable commitment to your website’s purpose.

An authoritative website is bound to have substantial user traffic. Now, a good PBN will be composed of multiple websites that are considered authoritative. To determine whether a website is authoritative or not, all you would have to do is make use of any one of the numerous search engine SEO analysis platforms available.

One such platform is Google Analytics which allows you to determine a website’s domain authority from factors such as user traffic, readability of site content and many other such factors.

What to look at when buying PBN backlinks?

There are several things that you need to look at before going ahead and purchasing PBN backlinks. It is fortunate that you don’t have to be a techie to use the any one of the numerous online tools available for this. One of the tools that you can use is Ahrefs. This is a platform as a service (PaaS) implementation that allows you to check two crucial factors

  • Number of Referring domains

    This refers to the websites that link directly to the website from your backlinks originate. Considering that referring domains tend to decline over time, the number of referring domains should not be fewer than 30. This ensures that the backlinks that you end up purchasing will retain their authority for a considerable amount of time.

  • Number Domain backlinks

    A single website in a PBN can have more than one backlink. A site with notable domain authority will have more than 20 backlinks.

Should you buy cheap PBN links at Fiverr?

You should never buy cheap PBN backlinks from online marketplaces such as Fiverr or another freelance platform.

The reasons for not doing so are rather obvious. Primarily, it will be difficult to ascertain whether you can trust the person selling you PBN backlinks. You might end up buying PBN backlinks to domains that don’t even exist, backlinks that are completely worthless or even backlinks that are potentially harmful to your money site.

buy pbn backlinks

Backlinks to non-existent or dummy sites will add no value to your efforts in boosting user traffic to your website. Useless backlinks will be from websites that have just been created and will thus not have any domain authority.

Finally, harmful backlinks are links from dubious websites such as porn sites, gambling sites, phishing sites and other such unscrupulous websites. These spammy and toxic backlinks will cause irreparable damage to your money site’s SEO ranking.

Best buy PBN backlink packages from SeekaHosters

If you are keen on buying PBN backlinks it would be prudent to buy PBN links from reliable sources. There are several reasons that you should do so. At SeekaHost we deal with thousands PBN owners as well as well have high quality PBNs that we manage and built years back. Below are some of the reasons:

  • Bonafide Blogging Sites

    When you buy PBN backlinks from a SeekaHoster, you can be certain that the individual blogging sites in the PBN are bonafide. First and foremost, SeekaHost is a major player in the webhosting with a known bias for blogging sites. You can be certain that SeekaHost has been directly involved in the formation of each blogging site it hosts through its moth company SEO Agency, ClickDo.

  • Genuine SEO authority

    You can rest assured that the blogging sites hosted by SeekaHost have attained their high domain authority organically. This means that the individual blogging sites in the PBNs have attained their high SEO through consistency in realizing their core mandate.

Rank higher on SERPs with PBN backlinks

best buy pbn backlinks

The acronym SERPS stands for Search Engine Results Page and refers to the first page of search results.

It is a well-known fact that very few search engine users look beyond the first page of search results.

Therefore, it is so important that your money site rank higher on Google SERPs. This is where SEO comes in and where PBN backlinks can prove indispensable.

For your website to appear within the first page of search engine results, your money site mu