Learn How to Create PBN Backlinks to Build Citations, Brand Mentions & Boost SEO?

Learn How to Create PBN Backlinks to Build Citations, Brand Mentions & Boost SEO?

How to create PBN Backlinks

How to create PBN Backlinks to build citations, brand mentions and boost SEO?

How to create PBN Backlinks

There are many people who are scared of building PBN backlinks and many are worried even if their site has got PBN links.

I came across this article which states they PBN Backlinks are too risky. Any link built is risky if they build the wrong way.

I have been using PBNs and my recent posts shows how to create a blog network that can be used as public or private blog network. You must read that article here. So, you know how to build a PBN and why and how I have relate the link building from PBN’s similar to guest posting for backlinks.

If you are building backlinks buy asking someone or paying for it for their time to get a link or even get links because you are friends with a blogger (I have tons of links from friendly bloggers for free for some I paid money to appreciate their time.)

Are building links from PBN safe?

No link is safe if it is hitting hard a targeted anchor and worse from low quality websites.

You might wonder why refer to separate distinct blogs as a network? The reason is rather straight forward. All the fully-fledged blogs in a PBN essentially have one owner.

The PBNs should be real blogs and maintained with new content, social shares, branding and get traffic as they grow. A new PBN may not have traffic but as a new blog it should growing overtime and get traffic, get backlinks, and become a great blog.

Read the article I have written at https://www.fernandoraymond.com/private-blog-networks/ so you can see how I have explained it showing Neil’s article where he says only do guest posting to get backlinks but PBNs are penalty waiting.

You can use PBN backlinks for many things and what is important is the PBNs are like blogs I have mentioned below.

some of them are Google news approved solids sites and get tons of traffic from Google each month. I have got links from all those sites for my blogs and tested for several months.

So, I believe by now you are good to learn how to create backlinks from private blogs which some of them are public blogs.

Why build PBN Backlinks?

They are much easier to build and scale SEO focused links.

You can find many PBN link sellers online and if you know how to test the quality of those sites you are good to build backlinks easily and cheaply.

You can ask for blog owners on my Facebook group here. Just post for what niches you are looking, and many people will reach to you.

And then check the metrics of the blogs before getting any links from them.

And if you want to build your own private blogs and create links, let’s look at how to do it.

How to create PBN backlinks?

If you are new to PBN, learn it all here and then read about how to build a private blog network.

The best is to create at least 10 to 20 blogs and have them for your future. You will need them, and you earn money from your blogs by taking guest posts on them.

Creating blogs to publish others beautifully written content is one of the best ways to earn some money online.

Many people sell guest posts on blogs they own and easily make thousands of dollars each month.

Guest posting for client SEO works is a main business at ClickDo, and Dinesh manage the sales and operations. So, if you are after guest posts on PBNs for backlinks, reach out to them via email or book a call to discuss how PBN backlinks packages can help SEO. You can read more about types of backlinks Dinesh has explained in this article.

Now let us look at how to build backlinks from PBN to boost brands, SEO and even when taking guest posts from people who wanted to get published on our PBNs.

How I built best PBN blogs?

If you are building a backlink from PBN, make sure that the PBN blog which you are publishing a post to get a backlink is well maintained and updated regularly with the authentic content. With that being said, PBN should not be used just for link building purposes. PBN blogs should be treated as a normal blog and should be well indexed by Google Search.

For example, If you take this domain www.blogrovr.com, It’s a proper website which we built from the expired domain.

Blogrovr is a PBN kind of blog built from the expired domain and has the following features,

  • Blogrovr is now Google News Approved
  • Blogrovr has social media profiles
  • Search console & Google Analytics are integrated
  • Hosted at unique IP in SeekaHost & free from footprints
  • Blogs published in this kind of domains will be indexed instantly by Google since these blogs are Google News Approved

From the above image you can see that the blog which is published in Blogrovr has been indexed within 2 minutes from publishing.

Check out this video where I have shown in live how the blogs gets indexed within 2 minutes after publishing.

This is just an example, similarly we have 150+ top notch blogs at ClickDo where we publish contents regularly. Its not only for just building links. Each blogs are taken care and updated regularly to maintain the authority on Google. So when links are placed in these blogs, its passes massive authority to the business websites.

How to create PBN Backlinks? – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are PBN Backlinks?

PBN’s called as the Private Blog Networks are the list of websites which is commonly owned by the same person or group of people in a network. All these PBN Blogs are used to build natural backlinks to the business website for improving the ranks in the Google Search. PBN Backlinks are one of the core facto in the Off-Page SEO.

How to create quality PBN Backlinks?

While building the backlinks from the PBN, you should make sure that all the PBN are hosted in unique IP’s with zero foot prints. Ideally each PBN blog should be treated as a unique website, only then the links from those PBN blogs will be very effective and will help your business websites with some link boost.

Does PBN backlinks safe for SEO?

It depends on how the PBN blogs are maintained and updated over a period of time. PBN’s should not be used only for the sake of links. PBN’s should be treated as normal websites and contents should be updated regularly. So the links placed from those blogs will look natural when it is used for building backlinks.

Will PBN links harm my SEO?

It depends on how you use the PBN blogs to build links. If you are linking with a hard anchor from irrelevant sites, it will effect your site even if you are linking like that from the high authority sites. So get proper guidance from SEO experts while building links and play safe with links.