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What is Grounding & Why I Started Earthing daily after my Digital Work in my Home Office

There were many reasons I started earthing and I wanted to explore more about what grounding is when I came across it in my research.   After writing about digital minimalism and how to become a smart digital minimalist, I was experimenting with different life hacks I found almost daily.   My last article explained…
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6 Things I do every Morning to Supercharge my Brain for more Creativity and Productivity

Looking for a productive morning routine things to do in the morning to supercharger your mind and body? I have been researching and testing what I can do for the productive morning routine and I have found it. Recently I wrote about what digital minimalism is and how to become a digital minimalist, covering my…
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Why I started Minecraft server hosting business and initiated play online for free with friends?

Recently I came across the Minecraft, and the first thing I did was keyword research and found out that hundreds of millions of people are playing the Minecraft game online. I dig more in-depth about the game and who plays it. Then I found out that kids play the Minecraft game, so I was curious…
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Took my first Bolt ride in London and I’m hooked!

I just got dropped off at The Collective Canary Wharf by and Bolt driver and it was my first ride that I actually paid for via their app. I took a Bolt ride back when I was working as a digital nomad in Riga Latvia. And that ride I paid by cash as someone else…
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2020 Blogging, SEO, PPC Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Training Blastoff

A 30 Day Step by step plan to start a blog, learn SEO techniques, Google Adverting Skills & Facebook/Instagram Remarketing to Crush in Online Business! The year 2020 has started and it’s time to master the best digital marketing skills. January 2020 Blogging, SEO, PPC Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Training Blastoff! We all live…
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Power Foods for the Brain By Neal Barnard At TEDxBismarck

Today I watched the Power Foods for the Brain By Neal Barnard and it made me think about a lot food I’ve been eating. And this is the most important video you will be watching that will help your health. Make sure you watch it.. I believe you gained some good healthy eating tips so…
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