How to make money with your PBNs (Private Blog Network Goes Public)

How to make money with your PBNs (Private Blog Network Goes Public)


PBNs are high in demand as they help the SEO guys and business owners who know how SEO works to rank websites higher up on Google search.

If you are one of those people who think PBNs don’t work anymore or no point investing in expired domains to build private blog networks, listen to what I’m about to say.

I’ve started building PBN in 2015 but was buying backlinks from private blogs since 2014. I found how search engines work back then and started buying backlinks to rank our clients.

Things changed and Google got smarter and made things harder. Gone are the days you can buy PBN backlinks from low quality websites and expect to get whatsoever budge for your linking domain.

To be honest it really got harder.

I mean ranking websites on Google with low quality PBNs. That doesn’t mean PBNs don’t work, however, you should know that the new kind of PBNs (public blog networks) work well. But you must know how to build them right.

Join the PBN Demystified Facebook group to learn how to build PBNs or buy PBN links from sellers who are selling links since I started the group. With over 7000 people now it’s such great platform to connect with PBN sellers, rent links, get niche edits and even place ads on sites that get good traffic.

How to make money with your PBNs?

If you’re still reading, you probably got an idea that you can do more than just placing backlinks if you own the PBNs. Also, I did mention about new kind of PBNs and called them public blog networks.

Why be private anymore when you can go big by being public.

I do share our blogs and this is one of the latest blogs we bought on an expired domain. We got this blog up and ready to publish more and more content. Kasun Sameera found it and we grabbed it and now Manuela Willbold is setting it up with Mohammed Patel.

And this is another blog which we put up and even this one so you know that they’re our blogs and I’m not worried about a private blog network as there’s nothing to hide from the world.

Build blogs well and publish good content.

Now this UK business blog is a cash machine for us and it takes quality content and publishes for clients who buy guest posts on it. Even see this another blog which got a great article by Neil Franklin.

That’s the kind of blogs you need to start making money from PBNs.

Join the Local SEO Blueprint and I will send you dozens of blogs to see how they are done, and each earns money.

See this blog…. What am I doing?

Publishing content by writing about niche relevant articles and using them for content marketing work.

We have thousands of customers who use SeekakHost PBN hosting services and some of them are SEO consultants using PBNs for only link building for client’s sites. When their client is gone, they abandon the blog network. Because they do not know how to earn money from the blogs.

This is how to earn money from your blogs.

Do not worry about private blogs, build your blogs publicly. Show them to the world.

Build the blogs so well with good content. Again see this blog and this

That’s the calibre of blogs you must build if you are serious about making so much money from your blog.

I’m still to tell you how to exactly make a lot of money from your blog.

I did publish this so have a read about the amazing SEO industry opportunities.

Below are 3 more blogs:


You can ask Dinesh for publications on those blogs and he will tell you the price.

Now, do you get this?

This is how you can earn money easily from your PBNs.

Build blogs like the examples you saw above and start publishing guest blogs from other writers and charge for publishing.

The web works with content so you need to publish and keep feeding the web.

Guys, do me favour and only publish good content on your blogs.

Never take low-quality content from someone else to publish on your blogs. Just do not do it, don’t settle for less.

For publishing on your blog, you can charge anything from $20 to $50, $200 to $5000 as big blogs like Forbes and are doing.

To build private blog networks you need a good expired domain and we have launched the free expired domains list which you can daily grab good dropped expired domains names with traffic.

If you would like to learn how we build blogs and exactly what we did for the UK News Online Blog, join the Blog for-profits course at SeekaHost University.

PS: Email me to get free access to the SeekaHost University course.

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