6 Things I do every Morning to Supercharge my Brain for more Creativity and Productivity

6 Things I do every Morning to Supercharge my Brain for more Creativity and Productivity


Looking for a productive morning routine things to do in the morning to supercharger your mind and body?

I have been researching and testing what I can do for the productive morning routine and I have found it.

Recently I wrote about what digital minimalism is and how to become a digital minimalist, covering my daily routines and habits.

I try to live by these morning rituals every day. The mornings are vital for your day’s success and how you start your day will have an impact on how to end every day happily.

Why I need a Good Productive Morning Routine?

As a digital entrepreneur who runs two businesses with multiple SBUs, I have to plan my day and get started with the best mindset. Of course, there are days I miss some of my targets and tasks, but I still make sure I do it all where possible. For example, someday I would miss the mediation as the first thing after getting up, but I make sure that I have done at least a short meditation session before my first meal around 12 pm.

There are many things I do throughout the day but the 6 core routines I do every morning to keep me going are listed below. Because on the days I do exactly those I have listed I feel genuinely happy and I get more tasks done like a superhuman machine.

6 Best things to do in the morning to Supercharge Day

I am sharing the most effective things to do in the morning as a part of the best morning routine core rituals of successful entrepreneurs that I have tested myself with you, and you can try these to improve your productivity and have a fulfilling and enhanced day:

1. As soon as I wake up, I look outside the window from my room to get some direct sunlight. If the sun is not out by then I will still look at the sky and take 10 deep breaths to charge my body and brain with oxygen. Even if it’s freezing cold outside, I do this to get the first fresh air into my lungs to fire up the entire body. On sunny bright days, I will take off my clothes (apart from my underwear) and soak up the sunshine. If you are not able to get sun from a window or garden, go outside and do it. This has been the first step to a great day. You can read the article on How to Fix Your Sleep-Wake Cycle using Light Therapy By Motion Nutrition to see how light therapy helps including some important tips about exposure to light as well as how to use a Lumie’s body clock to mimic the morning sunrise and to help you wake up naturally. I do use a Lumie’s Vitamin L lamp as well on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes during the winter months in the UK. If you are having issues with sleep, read the Find Your Chronotype to Sleep Better, Boost Focus By Motion Nutrition article to learn about effective sleeping as it’s vital to jump-start your day.

2. Get moving (first to the bathroom to freshen up). I run downstairs and stretch in my living room starting with some yoga poses. Yoga has changed my life and it’s a way of handling any physical, health and mental battles. If you have never done yoga before, learn it online with some YouTube tutorials. Start with stretching and with daily exercises so that you will get into the advanced poses that are more effective. It took me over a year of practising every week at least to conquer the below pose. I continue with the yoga poses and deep breathing.

This helps me fire up my entire body and mind. There are many breathing techniques I do but counting to 4 when breathing in and out is a good one, which is mentioned by Tony Robins and the count to 4 technique is also mentioned in the Boundless book by Ben Greenfield. There are many advantages of moving in the morning and if you want to know more about the reasons, read the 5 reasons to move in the morning.

3. I meditate for 10 to 20 minutes listening to the Calm app. If I pick the day’s first session, it is 10 minutes or else I will continue with a soundwave that I like for 10 to 20 minutes. Meditation is something I do every single day no matter how I start the day. This has been one of the best life strategies for my health and wellbeing after facing survivor stresses in many ways. To learn how to meditate, read this guide. I used to practice meditation with the Headspace app back in 2012-13 and you can check it at https://www.headspace.com/meditation/meditation-for-beginners to learn the basics or easy meditation techniques. You can check the 9 types of meditation to know which is best for you.

4. I open my diary and check what I have written the night before for today and then I write at least 3 things I must do on the day. This gets me into my initial writing gear and helps me write daily. There are many advantages of writing by hand and you can read how writing helps your brain to learn more about it. If you want to know 3 more ways how handwriting affects your feelings positively, read this article.

5. I then write a blog post of at least 500 words for one of my blogs and send it to be edited. I aim for 1000 words! This is something anyone can do, and it is a matter of getting started with writing a few words in your journal or diary. Achieving the writing goal gets me into the winner mindset and I can do it mentally. That is why I try to have a daily goal of writing as soon as I hit my first 4 daily rituals.

6. I do intermittent fasting daily and do not eat until 12 pm. Most days, my first meal is around 1 pm to 2 pm. Not eating in the morning has tremendously helped me to be super focused on my morning work and become a highly active person that achieves goals. This may be harder at the start but after 21 days of trying your body will obey your decision to not eat in the morning or for several hours after waking up. You will see how your brain will reward you when you train your body and mind to not eat breakfast. **Make sure you eat and drink well in the evening and do it around 7 pm to 8 pm so when you eat your first meal at 12 pm you have had a 16-hour fast which is perfect for the 8-hour eating window. You can read about the 8 high-protein foods that give you all-day energy so you gain the power to have a great day.

I hope these 6 productive morning routine things to do in morning rituals I practice daily can help you. Just try it out for 21 days and see how it helps you change your life as a highly effective and productive human being.

You will certainly get more done and have a happier day. Achieving your goals in the day helps you go to bed with a winner feeling and fulfilment.

As you start to win the day you will become good with many other aspects of your life.

In this guide, I shared many resources from motion nutrition as I was reading many blogs from their website yesterday and felt its good information to share with you.

Finally, read the 7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality Tonight – because to win the day and do the above mentioned 6 things well you must get a good night’s sleep.