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What is Grounding & Why I Started Earthing daily after my Digital Work in my Home Office

There were many reasons I started earthing and I wanted to explore more about what grounding is when I came across it in my research.   After writing about digital minimalism and how to become a smart digital minimalist, I was experimenting with different life hacks I found almost daily.   My last article explained…
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22 Self Employed Jobs From Home You Can Do Earn More Than £1,000 A Month

22 Self Employed Jobs From Home You Can Do Earn More Than £1,000 A Month When we think of how the internet has changed our lives, it is mostly about entertainment (Netflix), e-commerce (Amazon), and social media (Facebook). But without all the razzamatazz that accompanies the above domains, there has been another way that the…
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How to earn money at home in India: 7 Best ways to make money

How to earn money at home in India as a student or unemployed person in 2020 beyond COVID19 Many people have started to search online about the ways to make money online in India. And I started to get tons of traffic for my posts and one of best is how to start a blog…
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Top 35 Work From Home Jobs In India (Hottest Online Working Careers)

Want to make some quick bucks? It’s as easy as making an omelette with these top 35 work from home job in India that you can be working from your house. The trouble is, you’re going to hate your method of making quick money, just as you’d hate eating the same omelet every day.  Pursue…
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