What is .com and .net domain name difference and which Is better for SEO?

What is .com and .net domain name difference and which Is better for SEO?


Finding the right domain name is tough.

And if you want to know what is .com and .net domain names difference and which Is better for SEO?  This guide will explain to you everything before getting domain names to create a website.


The wide range of extensions is available and add to the trouble.

Should you go with a .com extension?

Or should you buy a domain with a .net extension?

What do the different extensions mean?

Which domain extension is better for SEO?

Bubbling with questions?

I’ve got answers.

Let us begin.

Basics of Domain Name Extension: Which Extension Means What?

A domain, as you might already know, is your address on the Internet.

My address on the web is fernandoraymond.com.

And this page that you are currently viewing lives on seekhost.com.

.com here is the extension of the domain name (fernandoraymond or seekahost).

Also called top-level domains (TLDs) these extensions are two or three letter codes that give users a hint about the type of the site.

There are several different types of domain extensions (.com, .net, .gov, .edu, .org, .co.uk, .in, and more)

Originally different extensions were for different types of websites.

  • Commercial websites used the .com These include business websites, blogs, websites that aim to make money online, portfolios, etc.
  • Networking websites used the .net Internet, networking, and email service providers used the domain extension.
  • Non-profit organizations went with the .org
  • Similarly, the .gov domain extension was used by government websites.
  • Educational institutions and organizations used the .edu domain extension.
  • Country-wise domain extensions are also used. Like .co.uk for the United Kingdom, .in for India, etc.

Since 2019, there is no restriction on who can use which domain. But people still relate the domain extension to the type of website.

Using A .com Domain

The .com domain extension has always been related to commercial websites.

Moreover, it is the most popular domain out there.

  • Almost 40% of the web uses .com domains.
  • .com domains have also become synonymous with the Internet. The term “dot-com bubble” is proof of that.
  • Most mobile phone keyboards have a specific .com button that makes typing in a website address with a .com extension simpler. Such an option is not available for any other domain extension.

When you use a .com domain name, you get the benefit of its popularity.

You can also bank on user assumptions. For example, most people assume that your website address would be yourbusinessname.com. So when looking for your business they just have to add a .com to your name in the address.

However, the trouble with the .com domain extension is that you rarely find the exact domain you are looking for. The domain name that you want might already have been used by someone else.

And even if you find the required domain name, you have to pay high registration rates for that.

SeekaHost aims to save you from that trouble. We have a wide range of .com domain names available at only $5.99. Even our renewal rates are affordable as compared to other registrars.

If you are looking for a domain name for your commercial website that you plan to use to make money online, get started with a .com domain name extension from SeekaHost.

Using A .net Domain

4% of the web uses .net domains. Though it seems way too less as compared to .com users, know that 4% of the web means more than 13 million websites.

So, what are these websites using a .net domain name extension?

The reasons could be:

  • The website might be in Internet, email, hosting, web services, or database-related services. And .net domains are the best choice for websites that aim to build a network of any sort. For example, Behance.net is an online design community. The website aims to be a network of artists, designers, and hiring companies, and thus, the .net domain suits their purpose.
  • Some business owners also take up the .net extension for their preferred domain name. Then the .net domain is redirected to the .com domain. This is in order to avoid competitors taking up the .net counterpart of your .com domain and hogging up clients.
  • The unavailability of a .com extension for a domain name may also be the reason why people choose a .net domain.

There is no harm in using a .net domain if it suits your website and business.

SEO Efficiency: .com Vs. .net domain extensions

This is probably the most frequent I get asked in the context of domain extensions.

“Is .com domain extension more SEO-friendly as compared to .net domain names?”

Answer: Search engines treat both .com and .net domains as the same. They aren’t partial.

However, Google also takes into consideration user intent and user assumptions while displaying results.

Because people consider .com as the default extension and are more likely to click on a .com extension, Google prioritizes it. While there has been no official word about this from the horse’s mouth on this, it is assumed that .com domains are more SEO-friendly.

However, I slightly differ from this opinion.

Sure, .com domains are more popular, people remember .com domain names better, and are less likely to make mistakes in the address that way, .net domains shouldn’t be considered second grade.

.net domains command a lot of authority and are perceived as trustworthy by web surfers. So, if your website is a network of any sort, a .net extension would be a good choice. At SeekaHost, we offer a .net domain at merely $8.99.

SEO is not directly related to the domain extension you use. If you optimize your website right and use a keyword in your domain name, the extension won’t hurt your visibility.

The only thing to take care of while getting a .net domain is that the .com extension for the same extension shouldn’t be registered with someone from the same industry.

This would lead to lost customers as people are likely to type in the .com domain and visit the competitor’s site instead of yours.

Picking The Right Domain Name and Extension At The Lowest Rates

Now that you know the difference between the .com and .net domain and their SEO efficiency, it is time to register your domain name.

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