Free WordPress Course: Best WP Training Online With Video Tutorials

Free WordPress Course: Best WP Training Online With Video Tutorials


Looking for a free WordPress course that will teach you everything about how to start creating WordPress websites and blogs? 

That’s what you will learn on this web page. This is also a WordPress site and you and on the WordPress web page. 

Recently I wrote about how to learn WordPress fast and on this page, I will show you the complete video tutorials created by the experts at SeekaHost. 

As I did mention in my previous posts about WordPress training there and many videos on YouTube and here you will the organised step by step videos. Start with the very first video and try to do it as you watch the videos. If you do not have two PCs best to watch one video and then apply it. 

Let’s get started and learn WordPress skills.

The videos were done by James at SeekaHost and you can ask him any questions by commenting on each video on YouTube or by email to him at

You can also learn everything about WordPress at SeekaHost WordPress hosting site.

Watch the videos one after one and try to do what’s shown on each tutorial video. So you get a better WordPress training experience.

You can also ask me anything by commenting on this post. I have been using WordPress since 2013 and been a top WordPress trainer in the UK.

How to Start a WordPress Blog Site with SeekaHost

As shown in the video you can start by registering a domain name at

How to Login to Your WordPress Dashboard and Setup User Settings

You can start your WordPress site with WP hosting at > Login in at

How To Add Or Remove Plugins on WordPress

How to Change Theme Or Template on WordPress

How to Add a Homepage in WordPress

How to Make a Blog Page on WordPress

How to Configure WordPress Settings

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How to Create an Engaging Blog Post

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How to Install Live Chat In WordPress (

How to Structure Your Blog Post In 5 Easy Steps

Structuring your blog post is very important and that’s how you can get the reader to stick and read the blog posts.

Even if you drive traffic from Google or any other search engine if you did not present the blog post well the visitors will bounce out. And that will lead to dropping the ranks as Google bots will think the article isn’t useful for the readers.

Watch the below video to see how to structure your blog posts well in 5 easy steps.

How to Secure Your WordPress Site In 7 Steps

WordPress sites get hacked like any other site unless you have secured your site well.

There are many plugins for WordPress security, and in this short video, you will learn the 7 easy steps to secure your WordPress website fast.