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10 Important Reasons to perform a WordPress Website Backup daily!

I have created thousands of WordPress websites and blogs and my agency manage hundreds of WordPress websites and backup them daily. So in this article, I want to advise you about the importance of doing it daily Why do you need to perform a WordPress website backup? WordPress website backups are essential to managing your…
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Top 10 WordPress Security Tips to Secure Your WordPress websites and Blogs

WordPress is a very popular platform that is used all over the world by bloggers and website developers. If you read the 7 steps to creating a website and started a WordPress website or blog, now you need to know how to secure it. Because WordPress sites get attacks from hackers and if you do not…
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7 Benefits of Using WordPress as CMS for websites and your blogging

On my previous blog post which I published yesterday, I shared the 7 steps to create a website on WordPress so today let’s learn the 7 benefits of using WordPress CMS. CMS (Content Management System) is primarily responsible for creating and managing your website content. Among the various CMS available, WordPress has set its root…
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