6 Best How to start a Consulting Business PDF Guides online for free

6 Best How to start a Consulting Business PDF Guides online for free


Many people are looking online for how to start a consulting business pdf guides to learn how to start a consulting business on the side.

The business coach and writer Neil Franklin have written the best guide on the topic. He has over 35 years of experience in business and consulting. So, I believe he is the best person to talk about this.

His expertise in helping businesses grow fast and his valuable tips on how any business can take their services online with the right message is obvious.

I associate with Neil closely and see how quickly he can advise on business issues and rectify what needs to be done.

The how to start consulting PDF guide by Neil Franklin

You can download the how to start a consulting business pdf which is also available as a detailed blog post on his website. You can read it here.

I have started multiple successful businesses and my first business was an SEO consulting business.

I grew it from just being a freelance SEO consultant to then the top SEO consultant in London running an SEO agency in London – ClickDo until 2019. Still, I am the CEO of ClickDo but now my time is spent mostly focusing on the SeekaHost web hosting services company growth.

Starting a consulting business is one of the easiest things to do and there are many people who have written about the subject of starting a consulting business.

You must know how to pick the writers who have started a consulting business and practically grew it.

It is easier to say how to start but to actually do the hard work yourself and start and grow a consulting business is the hard part.

I have linked up some helpful resources and some more websites that contain PDFs detailing how to start your own consulting business:

6 PDF Guides Consulting Business

  1. https://www.bizfilings.com/docs/default-source/pdfs/guide-consulting-business.pdf
  2. https://epdf.pub/start-your-own-consulting-business.html
  3. https://bookstore.entrepreneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Start-Your-Own-Consulting-Business-4th-Edition_Excerpt.pdf
  4. https://www.bizmove.com/starting-business/how-to-start-a-consulting-business.htm
  5. https://www.iosh.com/media/2660/4-setting-up-your-own-consultancy-practice-jbridgland.pdf
  6. http://docshare04.docshare.tips/files/22135/221359849.pdf

You can start a consulting business from home by consulting over the internet and all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi for it. For calls just use Skype and Zoom for meetings.

You can learn the skills on how to start a consulting business on the side and that is the best way to do it while you are employed.

You can spend time in the night and initially get the first few clients before you leave your full-time job.

However, if you have already left your full-time job or are planning to jump in fully, just do it. I have done it and so can you.

Also read this Forbes article “how to start a consulting business on the side,” to gain more insights.

It is good but as I said, learn from people who have started themselves and try to get on a phone call with Neil Franklin for personal advice and support for your business message creation.

If you want to know how to start a marketing consulting business, I can help you via email support and once you have completed the courses at SeekaHost University, I will arrange a Skype call with you.

So, I will go into detail about how I started a digital marketing consulting business from my bedroom in London back in 2013. I happily share my memories and exactly what I did step by step.

You can see my very first video I did from that box room and that was my bedroom as well. So tiny but I managed to pull it off and then moved to a nice flat in Bermondsey before moving to Canary Wharf to also open an office there by 2016.


When I think about that small box room which was the storage room in that house, I remember I paid £250 per month to live there and that really pushed me to work more than sleeping.

At the time I moved to that room, which I found through my friend who was renting another room in this house, I did not have any skills to do consulting but only a will that I would figure it out.

I was frustrated about my life and doing a job that I did not love and knew it was not leading to where I wanted to be in my life. So, I left the job, came to London, learned everything about digital marketing and started my online marketing consulting business.

You can now easily learn how to do social media marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing and start a social media advertising consulting business or similar from your home. Learn more about how to earn money online with such consulting businesses here and see how I also act as a web consultant with my expert team trying to support businesses in many different ways.


I will do a few videos about how to start various consulting businesses and create some more PDFs with Neil Franklin. In the meantime, you can read more about my success story here.

home-business-ideas-guideYou can also get the “48 Home Business Ideas Guide” written by me and Manuela Willbold as a Kindle Book on Amazon where we cover different consultancy business ideas.