What Is Multiple IP Hosting & The SEO Advantages Of Using Different Class IPs?

What Is Multiple IP Hosting & The SEO Advantages Of Using Different Class IPs?


Looking for what is Multiple IP hosting and how the different class IP addresses can be used to host SEO blogs and money sites?

Then let me explain to you about the world’s best solution for using A, B and C and even D Class IP addresses to host your private blog networks and SEO focused money sites.

When it comes to different class multiple IP hosting, there are many companies that state to provides SEO hosting and a ton of reviews by affiliates who have written about shared hosting instead of proper Class C Hosting for SEO purposes.

Recently I wrote about what PBN, SEO and Class Hosting. You can read them below. 

In this guide, I will explain more about the core of multiple IP hosting, and how it works effectively with different Class A, B and C hosting which is also on multiple location servers.

First, let’s look at why people need this hosting in the first place.

What is Multiple IP hosting?

There are different classes of IP addresses in the world and mainly the A, B and C and recently the D class have started to get much used by the SEO community.


Raed What is A-Class Ip Hosting?



The A-Class IP hosting is the best of class IP hosting and you can get up to 25 unique IPs to host premium money sites and blogs. This site I have hosted on an A-Class IP address.

If you just google “a class hosting” you will see SeekaHost at the top and head over to get the world’s best A-Class IP hosting.

PBN SEO Advantages

What is PBN SEO?

As you know search engine optimization involves backlinks and Google picks on sites that have/get backlinks from websites/blogs from across the web.

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For this creating SEO campaigns that help you create multiple websites is vital

The website/blog should act as owned by unique owners and for that domain and the website hosted IPs should be unique.

For this using the Class C IPs, and DN is the best way to get around.

The reason? With all the testing and industry data that shows that that search engines award a higher ranking to a site that has links pointing on it from niche related sites located on unique Class-C IPs.

So, owning multiple IPs for several sites lets website owners create links between their own sites without the search engines finding out. If you do this right there is no way they can find it and of course, reward your site. This should be done with a good plan to support the web and not dilute the web with horrible websites or blogs.

The best way to get multiple locations unique Class-C IPs is to reach out to a host (SeekaHost) that provides multiple IP unique Class hosting.

You need hosting packages that offer multiple C-Class IP addresses for each domain name you wish to get hosted.

Ideally branded nameservers on separate Class C IP addresses is helpful and safer than ever. This option allows website/blog owners to host more than one site with the on the same server without search engine bots recognizing that the same person or company owns all the websites.

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