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What is SEO and how it works: Small business owners guide to SEO

If you are using Google, you want to know what SEO is and how it works – in this SEO guide I will explain to you what SEO is in 2019 and how it can work for your small business in the UK.  SEO has been used by many business owners to gain the first-page…
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Top 10 WordPress Security Tips to Secure Your WordPress websites and Blogs

WordPress is a very popular platform that is used all over the world by bloggers and website developers. If you read the 7 steps to creating a website and started a WordPress website or blog, now you need to know how to secure it. Because WordPress sites get attacks from hackers and if you do not…
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7 Benefits of Using WordPress as CMS for websites and your blogging

On my previous blog post which I published yesterday, I shared the 7 steps to create a website on WordPress so today let’s learn the 7 benefits of using WordPress CMS. CMS (Content Management System) is primarily responsible for creating and managing your website content. Among the various CMS available, WordPress has set its root…
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7 Steps How to Create a Website on WordPress (Beginners guide to build a WordPress site)

Do you want to build a WordPress website? Starting a website can be tough, especially if you are not techy. You should not worry. We all have been there. Here is a comprehensive guide for you as a beginner for how to create a WordPress website. You will soon find out that this process is…
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How to register a domain name

First, let’s look at why you need a domain name and then I will show you how to register a domain name fast. There are some steps to follow when registering a domain name. And you must keep in mind a few things before registering your domain name. Why you need a domain name? The…
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