17 Ways How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment or Breaking the Bank

17 Ways How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment or Breaking the Bank


17 Ways How to Earn
Money Online in India
Without Investment in 2021

Do you want to know how to make money online in India without investment in 2021?
Then I got the best ways anyone can get started and learn how to earn money over the internet doing what you can enjoy.

These are the exact ways I used to make real money paid into my bank account via PayPal or direct bank payments.



My story: How I started earning online?

I’ve been living the digital nomad lifestyle fulltime for over 6 years now and since I got online with my first blog back in 2013, I was hooked.

I enjoyed the ride and now I want to help you learn the strategies to earn online working from home or anywhere in the world living the location independent laptop lifestyle.

The best thing is, at the end of this guide and all the way to the end you will get recourses and tips on how to start and what to do as well identify what you can do best.

It’s vital that you pick one way and work it out till you master it and start earning from it. Do not jump over one to other unless you really don’t enjoy doing it.

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Of course, you can earn in Indian Rupees INRs if that’s what you want.

These techniques are proven to work and thousands of people in India use to earn each day/month/week/month year!

One more thing you must know is, it takes time and there are many people who make millions online from one or more of the ways I have shared below.

To start, you do not need investment as I assume you already have got a laptop and internet connection if you are reading this guide.

Take the time and read this one and then start taking notes and write down what resonates with you. Don’t just start a blog or Dropshipping because some told you or they are making money. Dive deep and learn the best techniques and master the art of making money online from your home.

Let me also tell you, that not only me but also my team at SeekaHost India and some of the ClickDo staff work from home these days and rarely goes to the office.


How do they do it?

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I will teach you everything about how to get started and all the way to earn with these easy to start simple ways that I used to make a living travelling the world.

I was facinated seeing people working from a Laptop and travelling the world while working from hotels. That inspired me to learn how do they do it.

I read the books 4-hour workweek and realized that I must gain some skills to work line. So, I learned SEO skills and at the same time learned how to start a blog and earn from blogging (I will explain to you how later)

I kept doing and never gave up and today from the money I made online I started SeekaHost to help millions of people in India to get online with a domain name and web hosting.

It’s my goal to help 10 million people in India learn the vital skills work online earn each month.

This is possible and I want you to believe that making money from the internet is real and you just must learn the steps to do the right work and earn!

Thanks to the availability of the internet now, there are numerous hundreds of ways you can make money online without breaking the bank. Getting extra cash on the side is essential and can help to solve one or two issues. I will be discussing ten different ways you can earn money online in India easily and provide you with all the support via email and from my companies that are based in India and internationally.

I see over 6000 people according to the Ahfres search traffic data are looking to learn how to earn money online with Google and I must I started with this.

I was looking for highly demanding rising industries in the found that SEO is a big one, so I started to explore more about it.

And in this guide, I will mostly discuss how to use Google and almost all the ways are in some way related to Google when it comes to earning online.

Now let’s dive deep to the proven methods.

I’m pretty sure you found this page on Google and that’s because I knew how to do SEO and rank higher up on Google search engine.

As you read you will see how you can also learn the skills and the free courses will help you learn the vital skills.

So read this carefully and start taking notes and later evaluate what skills you have or what way you will enjoy doing more.

Because it’s important that you pick what you can do best and capitalize on it first and then move to other ways I have explained.


Top 17 ways to earn money online in India

1 Create a Blog & Start Blogging

Create-a-Blog-Start-BloggingThis is the first way and best way to start online in India without investment for students.

Learn it step by step so you know the most vital skills to build your own virtual property. Most try to skip this, but it will only end up you in lacking the vital online skills.

When you learn how to start a blog it will help you understand the technical skills to get online.

You can see how Dinesh have started his personal blog and he has mentioned story there. Read it so you know why he learned everything to work online and now does major work at our agency and web hosting company.

S0 the best way to start earning money online as an Indian is through blogging. You might have heard that creating a blog gives cash or it’s an easy way to make money, but you are not sure how that would work.

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Join the free blogging course at SeekaHost University and learn how to start blogging and then get the Blogging for profit course where I teach you how to set up blogs that earn money easily.

I would discuss some ways you can make money from blogging, and the first is to use advertising tactics. You can use the pay per click ads, and they are in the form of banners you put at the side, top or middle of your page that once a reader clicks it, you get paid. There is also the cost per impression ads, and here you are paid based on the number of readers that click on the advertisement on your page.

There are ads you can use for this; the most common one is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense you don’t need to even be in direct contact with the advertisers, the program brings up banners or advert related to your content, and once your readers click on it you get paid.

You can also sell private ads, and it’s not only working with advertising networks. If your blog starts having traffic, advertisers may come to you directly and pay for adverts, and you can also contact those advertisers yourself to make money.

Affiliate marketing is also another way to make money through your blog. And guys like Kulwant Nagi talks about how to do it at his blogging cage.


2 Learn to find expired domains and sell

find-and-sell-expired-domainsExpired domains are highly in demand and I know how this business works. Back in 2015 I met Saket Wahi and he mastered how to find expired domains. He was just 17 years old and with the expired domain hinting skills he managed to earn so much money and he even moved to United Kingdom to study in London.

Basically, the goal was to earn £100 per and that can help him save £3000 month and in 12 months it’s £36,000. The best thing was made earned more that and came to study in UK.

So, see you can do the same and I’ve started the PBN hosting business to facilitate the expired domain hosting market as thousands of people build Private Blog networks to support their SEO or client’s SEO and earn online.

Even these days Dinesh Kumar at ClickDo finds expired domains daily and sell via the Facebook group as well as provide to our customers at SeekaHost via this web page.

You can read this guide on how to find expired domains and what tools you can use to find expired domains.

Once you learned how to find the domains you can put up a page on your blog or web site and promote it via Facebook groups.

Join my Facebook group here, to see how over 7000 people trade expired domains and PBNs for SEO every day.

You can always email to me to Dinesh and ask how to start your domain business and invest in domains and sell at SeekaHost domain auctions.


3 Provide SEO Services to business owners

This is the fastest way to earn you first $100 then scale to $1000 and beyond. All our guys at ClickDo who are based in India learned the SEO skills under the guidance of Local Kumar during the time Logesh was senior SEO Consultant at ClickDo.

do-SEO-Services-onlineSo, you can hit them up and ask how they learned but let me give you access to the SEO training course first so you can learn how to do SEO services.

And then learn local SEO consultancy by taking the Local SEO blueprint here.

There are millions of business owners in the world and most of them seek for SEO services.

One keyword they look for is “seo consultant India” and there are thousands of searches online from city wide in India.

You can search for a keyword like “seo company coimbatore” which is an easy keyword to rank.

This is a keyword Logesh has ranked his company to provide SEO for local business owners in the Coimbatore.

If you search for keyword like “seo services india” you can see people from all over the world are looking to hire for SEO from India. And that to be done online.

SEO services are highly in demand and as long as Google lasts business owners will look for SEO experts.

SEO services can be provided online and that’s how to start my freelance SEO business.

You can read more about how to start SEO business here and the SEO business model at SeekaHost.

Take the courses at SeekaHost University and if you want t