The Collective Canary Wharf For Digital Nomad Work and Co-Living in London

The Collective Canary Wharf For Digital Nomad Work and Co-Living in London


Today I’m working from The Collective Canary Wharf as a digital nomad.

The co-living experience is pretty good and The Collective Canary Wharf is a great place for anyone to experience high standards of co-living in London.


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You can read the full story here and see the amazing photos.

The place is impressive and the 20th-floor pool is my favourite pool so far in London.


The rooms are quite good but of course, some more space would have been a plus.

The internet is top speed and I never experienced a slow performance or a drop. So working from anywhere in the building is pretty comfy.


The views from the studio apartment on the 15th floor were amazing.


I really liked working in the room and it was so quiet.

I was doing some planning for SeekaHost Google Ads and also reviewing some SeekaHost University courses.

the-collective-canary-wharf-work-desk digital-nomad-working-from-the-collective


The blessing of my life is that I can work from anywhere and I only need a laptop and an internet connection.

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Life is pretty amazing to live and work from anywhere I wish and having places like the Collective are great for people like us to work from while living the good life and connecting with like-minded people.

What The Collective Canary Wharf could do to improve their services?

First, their customer support team at the reception can be friendlier and provide more information about the place.

They really lack that enthusiastic vibe to make guests feel welcome and learn about all the fantastic things to do/rooms to use there. Alternatively, they could run a welcome video on the tv in every room, if staff don’t have the time to do that. It’s just a shame that guests aren’t informed also about special offers, e.g. I only found out that night by going to the restaurant on the 20th floor by chance that there was a happy hour! Anyway, the management should look into it.

This is the second time I’m here after a month and still, the hot water at the poolside does not work, so people don’t wash before heading to the sauna and steam room. They also don’t shower before or after jumping in the pool as the water is freezing.

It’s bad to not have hot showers working and this causes serious hygiene concerns.

If those things are sorted, The Collective Canary Wharf is truly an amazing place for digital nomads to stay and work.

I’m considering giving co-living a try for few months and might decide to live at The Collective Canary Wharf this year.

The Collective was found by Reza Merchant

The Collective CEO Reza Merchant on Sky News


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Do you believe in the digital nomad lifestyle or is it what you are looking for?

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