What Is A Blog and How Does It Work? (2020 Ultimate Guide)

What Is A Blog and How Does It Work? (2020 Ultimate Guide)


A blog is a word that’s has become more popular over the years.

These days, there are millions of blogs available on the internet, and it’s important to understand what blogs are and how they work.

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Now let’s look at in more details…

What is a blog

A blog is derived from the short form of a web blog. It is an online journal where people can share their experiences or share information with other readers on any topic.

Blogs allow the owners to post a reversed chronological order; new posts first appear at the top while the oldest posts are at the bottom.

So how did blogs come about?

With the increased use of computers over the years, blogs came about as more and more people started using computers extensively.

Before the world wide web, people would interact on networks, and they would share the content through message boards, also called ‘newsgroups. They allowed people to share information and talk about topics they were interested in.

The first blogs appeared in about 1994 as people started sharing their diaries and wrote about their day to day life. The topics ranged from family matters, travel, hobbies, and other topics.

In 1999 the term weblog or weblog was coined, and it later evolved to just ‘blog’ a few years later as blogging became more popular.

History of blogging

Read more about the history here.

What use is a blog?

The uses of blogs are as vast as readers desire; there are blog covering anything and everything.

One could start a blog for personal reasons, to pass on information about their field or for much other business or personal reasons.

Anyone can start a blog; you can choose to start a blog to share your personal experiences with others.

For a new business, a blog can come in handy when you are trying to attract new clients. Blogging helps people know more about what you do and how your business can help them through the provision of products or services.

Once the business grows, blogs are a way to give even more information to your clients by giving them insightful tips on how to use the products or services you offer.

Through blogs, search engines can link people looking for what you offer and lead them straight to your blog or website. It makes you searchable, which is essential for business growth and for you to match up to the competition.

The more you blog, the better your advantage. It makes it more likely for your website to be discovered by search engines, driving more traffic to your website.


Blogs are useful in the following ways; 

  • Helps build your brand
  • Helps connect you to the right audience (people looking for exactly what you are offering)
  • Boost website and blog traffic from SEO
  • Help get quality leads and drive them to your website
  • You can share information in an affordable way

One factor to keep in mind is that sharing informative posts and blogs for business is the key to growing as a business.

For personal posts, the more creative the blogs, the better to keep your audience engaged. The quality of blogs and information shared counts.

Quality blogs help you become an authority with your audience, and they will know to come to you in all matters related to your field and establishes loyalty. This makes your business more credible, and this works, especially if your business is still unknown.


Blog structure

Most blogs have a similar structure which includes;

  • A header – this contains the navigation bar or menu
  • Main content – this is the area shows latest blog posts or highlighted topics
  • Sidebar – this can contain favourite content, call to action or social profiles
  • The Footer – can contain links, disclaimers, contact info or privacy policy and more
So, what’s the difference between a website and a blog?

The main difference between a website and a blog is the type of content each offers.

A website is less frequently updated, and it can hold the business profile; such as location, a description of their products or services, some company or background information and a few more pertinent company information.

A Blog, however, is where information is shared frequently, and the company can write about any topic that touches on what they do and how they do it.

There is more creative leeway in blogs, and with the comment section at the end of each blog, the audience can get to interact with the business and share their take on the piece or ask questions.

What’s the difference between a blog post and a web page? 

Any blog you put up appears as a page in your browser. The term page is a description of the document and its location.

A blog is a collection of web pages about a topic. It’s like a collection of pages of a journal or log, but now, a blog is available online.

Some websites have pages that are fixed and are rarely changed, and they have blogs with fresh content that changes every other week, month, or even several times a day.

With this info, you know what a blog is and the importance of a blog in business. Now it’s your time to start a blog that matters.

You can learn how to start a blog and make money blogging. There are many guides to starting a blog and I have written about how starting a blog changed my life.

In this article, Nicole Venglovicova shows how to start a personal blog and grow it.

Why Start a Personal Blog and How it Helps?

Neil Franklin talks about blogging and you can ask him anything about blogging message creation. He is the best at creating the ultimate blogging message.

Read: How to write a perfect blog post in 6 steps

How does a blog work on a website

a blog is connected to the root domain (https://www.fernandoraymond.com/blog/)  of where the website built. A blog is dynamic and content get populated as the site owner publishers blog posts.

How to create a blog

create-a-blog-onlineCreating a blog in 2020 is easier than ever however you must know how to pick the right niche to choose the perfect domain name and web hosting. There are many types of web hosting services, but with the right services, your blog is secured for the long term journey on the web.

Learn the steps to create your own site with a blog, with these tips I have written.

How do blogs work to make money

There millions of blogs on the web and not every blog makes money, however, if you built a blog the right way and monetize it, you can make a lot of money from blogging. The blog for profits blueprint is one good course you can take to learn how to monetize blogs.

Blogging for beginners

Blogging-tips-for-beginnersNew to blogging and have not idea how to start a blog? – Then join the ultimate blogging course for free and learn how to start your own blog and grow it fast.

After that, you can join the blogging academy members area and learn everything about blogging. You will see how I’ve grew this blog and what I do to grow this blog to 1 million readers per year mark and then to 1 million readers per month powerhouse.

Join the bloggers’ tribe here.

Example of a blog

The best example of a well-created blog is this blog.


10 Steps to writing a blog post

Read the best 10 steps on how to get started and write the article, rank on Google, get traffic and Wow your readers.

Click on the image below to learn how to write great blogs. 

How to write a Blog post step by step and get organic traffic from Google

Now you know what is a blog and how does it work.

So get started with your own blog and build a successful blog.

You can join my Blogging community members rea to learn more about bloggers mastermind.

learn-to-blog-form-expert-bloggersFrequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How does the blog work?

A blog works by a person publishing posts on the blog (virtual platform aka website) and it is available on the web to be read by others who are on the world wide web. A blog can be private as well as a public blog open for anyone to read. A blog is frequently updated with new content and takes a dynamic approach.

What is the use of a blog?

Having a blog help you populate content on the web and share your message with a worldwide web user. A blog can also help a business grow with content feeding to the web on what a target market searches for answers on the web.

How do you make money from a blog?

There are many ways to earn from blogging, one of the best ways is sponsored content that reviews products and services which leads to affiliate marketing. Learn more ways to earn from blogging after you start your own blog.

How do bloggers get paid?

Affiliate commissions, from sponsored content, selling products and services via the blog to blog readers etc.

What type of blogs are successful?

A blog that gets tons of traffic from Google and social media channels like Facebook are successful. Traffic is vital for a blog’s success.

On which topic should I start blogging?

Think about what you are passionate about, and then do the keyword research to see the market demand for the ideas and then decide the topic.

What kind of blogs is more popular?

Gossip blogs are very popular but not best for making good money from blogging.

What is the main purpose of a blog?

Creating content for the web and getting traffic to read it.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Building a brand by creating awareness and then monetizing.

What are the pros and cons of blogging?

There are many pros and cons of blogging, so do not worry about it. Just start a blog and learn all the way towards creating a successful blog.

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